Advanced Professional Photoshop Course to Become Expert


Advanced Professional Photoshop Course to Become Expert, A Course To Learn Masking, Logo, T-Shirt, Business Card, GIF, Modern CV, Mockup, Mug, Retouching, Cover, Calendar Design.

Course Description

A professional photoshop course with advance photoshop training where a student will learn about selection and masking, how to design logo, t-shirt, business card, resume, mug, bottle, calendar, cover, gif, along with that student will learn how to earn money by graphics designing work, retouching, advance use of photoshop tools etc.

It’s a professional photoshop course specially for graphics designers and before enrol this course you must have knowledge about basic photoshop. I suggest you to enrol this course along with basic photoshop knowledge. If you already know how to use layers & make simple selections then you are perfect for this course.

In this complete guide to Adobe Photoshop, you’ll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Adobe Photoshop, but also how to design actual graphics you can use for your business, or for fun. This course is also good for intermediate/casual Photoshop users who want to learn new techniques and tools, and how to properly use Photoshop.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master Advanced Photoshop Techniques: Elevate your Photoshop skills with advanced techniques like precise selections, masking, composite imagery, and non-destructive editing workflows.
  • Harness Powerful Photoshop Tools: Uncover the power of advanced tools such as Dodge, Burn, Clone Stamp, and Healing Brush to achieve professional-grade retouching and image manipulation.
  • Create Professional Graphics: Learn to design impactful social media graphics, advertisements, brochures, and other professional-looking visuals.
  • Master 3D and Mockups: Explore the world of 3D modeling and create realistic mockups to showcase your designs in real-world scenarios.
  • Enhance Your Workflow: Discover efficient workflow techniques to optimize your time and productivity while producing high-quality work.

Course Requirements

This course is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Familiarity with the essential tools, interface, and editing concepts is recommended.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Graphic designers seeking to enhance their Photoshop skills and advance their careers
  • Photographers looking to master advanced retouching and image editing techniques
  • Enthusiasts passionate about exploring the full potential of Adobe Photoshop

You will have class project during learning this class, than you will have a real time practice with learning lesson and you can share your class project in assignment section. I have given an exercise file so you can practice along with me.

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