Active Listening with Curiosity


Active Listening with Curiosity, Master your listening skills through curiosity.

Course Description

Transform how you listen and communicate through this comprehensive course on Active and Curious Listening techniques for deeper connections and understanding in all conversations.

The course will equip you with critical mindsets like emotional intelligence, empathy, overcoming biases, and establishing common ground that provide the foundation for authentic engagement. You will gain powerful verbal skills to ask thoughtful, open-ended questions that draw people out, validate emotions appropriately, summarize key takeaways, clarify ambiguity, and adapt your communication style to others.

Additionally, you will learn to interpret non-verbal cues by observing body language, mastering eye contact, calibrating proximity, and leveraging active silence. The course includes interactive conversations and scenarios where you can practice applying these techniques in real time. You will learn how to move past assumptions and knee-jerk reactions to listening with genuine curiosity about people’s feelings, experiences and perspectives.

Your increased focus, emotional intelligence and exploratory approach will uncover deeper insights, possibilities and meaning during any dialogue. People will feel truly heard, understood and safe to share openly with you. Your enhanced active listening abilities will help you forge stronger connections, resolve conflict more effectively, and foster innovation through collaboration.

If you want to transform how you listen, communicate and connect with people, this is the perfect course for developing skills for Active Listening with Curiosity.

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