Active Listening: Techniques for Effective Leadership!


Active Listening: Techniques for Effective Leadership.

Course Requirements

  • Prerequisites: None! This course is designed for those brand new to the concept of active listening and for those who want to seriously improve their skills.
  • Materials: A notebook and pen/pencil is helpful for taking notes, but not required.

Course Description

Do you struggle to understand people’s perspectives and opinions, no matter how much effort they put into trying to explain them to you? Or perhaps you have been on the other side, where no matter what words you use, they don’t seem to deliver in the manner you want them to. It’s almost like people just don’t seem to truly hear you.

Most of us think that we know how to listen, but do we really get what people mean to say when they speak? This applies to both the words they speak out loud and the ones they don’t. Active listening helps you go beyond surface level small talk and to obtain a meaningful understanding of people. This course will be your guide to this life skill.

This course will change how you communicate forever. We’re going to dive into understanding and applying the techniques that encourage deeper connections and strengthen the understanding in your relationships. And don’t worry, because we’ll be starting from the absolute basics, and guiding you every step of the way to improve your listening skills, and help you transform your life for the better.

We’ll begin by disassembling the internal and external barriers that prevent you from being a good active listener. You’ll also learn how to recognize your communication patterns and how they may be an obstacle in gaining a deeper understanding. While you will learn the basics of active listening, such as decoding body language and building genuine empathy, we will also simulate challenging scenarios such as handling emotionally charged conversations, understanding how to navigate conflict, and how to reach resolutions that everyone is content with.

After equipping you with a full active listening toolkit, we’ll explore the impacts of this skill in all areas of your life. This isn’t just for others, but it’s also for you! Refining this skill will deepen your self awareness, teaching you how to attentively listen to your own inner voice as well – which perhaps is the most important voice to listen to.

Whether you’re looking to refine your already developed skills, or completely new to the concept of active listening, this course will empower you and aid you in building more meaningful connections in your life.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the true meaning behind actions. We’re going to go beyond surface level gestures and understand the unspoken language of body cues.
  • Experience mindful silence. Gain the tools to use silence strategically, by giving others space to share openly.
  • Refine your understanding. Practice paraphrasing and repeating others’ words, ensuring that you understand them.
  • Understand the power of open ended questions. Asking these questions to encourage a deeper exploration of another person’s thoughts and reveal implicit concerns.
  • Cultivate empathy. Develop the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, allowing you to be understanding during disagreements and conflicts.
  • Navigate emotionally sensitive situations. Learn to actively listen to strong emotions, and how to de-escalate situations to find common ground.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Foundations of Active Listening

  • Lecture 1: What is Active Listening?
  • Lecture 2: Benefits of Active Listening
  • Lecture 3: Barriers to Active Listening
  • Lecture 4: How Our Brains Process Information

Module 2: Core Active Listening Skills

  • Lecture 5: Decoding Body Language
  • Lecture 6: Attentive Silence
  • Lecture 7: Open-Ended Questions
  • Lecture 8: Paraphrasing and Ensuring Understanding
  • Lecture 9: Building Empathy

Module 3: Advanced Listening Techniques

  • Lecture 10: Summarizing
  • Lecture 11: Signaling Engagement
  • Lecture 12: Expressing Your Own Perspective
  • Lecture 13: Shifting Perspectives for Resolution
  • Lecture 14: Validation

Module 4: Listening in Challenging Situations

  • Lecture 15: Active Listening with Difficult Emotions
  • Lecture 16: Diffuse Anger and Frustration through Listening
  • Lecture 17: Handling Criticism
  • Lecture 18: Navigating Conflict
  • Lecture 19: Cultural Differences in Communication and Listening

Module 5: Developing Your Active Listening Mindset

  • Lecture 20: Mindfulness for Active Listening
  • Lecture 21: Overcoming Judgment and Assumptions
  • Lecture 22: The Importance of Curiosity in Listening
  • Lecture 23: Building a Habit of Active Listening

Module 6: Applying Active Listening in Your Life

  • Lecture 24: Active Listening for Stronger Relationships
  • Lecture 25: Active Listening in the Workplace
  • Lecture 26: Active Listening in Customer Service
  • Lecture 27: Active Listening for Difficult Conversations
  • Lecture 28: Active Listening for Self-Awareness & Growth

Optional: Advanced Techniques Module

  • Lecture 29: Motivational Interviewing
  • Lecture 30: Listening with an Equity Lens
  • Lecture 31: Therapeutic Listening
  • Lecture 32: Final Notes and Encouragement

Who Is This Course For?

  • People seeking deeper connections. Are you ready to move past small talk and form genuine bonds? This course will help you.
  • Leaders who want to motivate. Learn how to use active listening to build trust and empower teams.
  • Those yearning to make a difference. Whether you’re in social work or customer service, the skills you learn from this course will better your ability to support others.
  • Learners hungry for personal growth. If you find human communication and connection fascinating, and want to change how you interact with the world, this course is a perfect starting point for you.

Does this sound exciting? Enroll now and let’s get started!

Certificate of Completion:

Upon the successful completion of this course and final assessment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion in Active Listening from Eduta.

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