A Quick Introduction to Algorithms


A Quick Introduction to Algorithms, Algorithms, Data Structures.

Course Description

Data Structures and Algorithms is one of the core topics in computer science. Being able to design and analyze algorithms is one of the most important skills required by computer science students and software professionals. All major software companies (e.g., Google, Meta, Microsoft) ask a variety of questions related to algorithms in their interviews.

This short course is designed to provide a quick overview of a variety of different algorithms. This course is ideal for individuals who seek a quick yet comprehensive refresher to data structures and algorithms (e.g., while preparing for an exam or job interviews). This course is also well-suited for individuals who are enthusiastic about computer science and want to obtain a high-level understanding of various algorithms.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand, explain and apply key algorithmic concepts related to sorting algorithms (selection sort, bubble sort, and insertion sort). The course will also introduce Binary Search Trees and the various actions supported by them (i.e., insertion, deletion and search). Students will also be introduced to graph and graph algorithms. Specifically, we will cover minimum spanning tree algorithms such as Prim’s Algorithm and Kruskal’s Algorithm. The course also includes advanced topics such as bipartite graphs, Ford Fulkerson’s Algorithm and minimum vertex cover.

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