Ultimate Recruitment Talent Acquisition & Social Hiring 2023


Ultimate Recruitment Talent Acquisition & Social Hiring 2023, End to End course: Effective Job Description, Sourcing, Job Portals, Social Hiring, Interviewing, Virtual Recruitment,AI.

Course Description

  • Would you like to become a master in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and Social Hiring with a certification course?
  • Learn the latest Curriculum Updated in November 2023?
  • Are you looking for a single, comprehensive course covering all important topics related to Recruitment, Talent Acquisition in Human Resource Management?
  • Wish to source and recruit top candidates/talent for your organization at a lightning speed in the most cost-effective, economic, and timely manner?
  • Do you want to get deep insights into what happens before Recruitment: The aspects of a job design and job description design such as Job Analysis: The process, different methods, and approaches used by organizations to conduct Job Analysis?
  • Write Job Descriptions and post jobs like a pro.
  • Understand the entire process of Recruitment and its impact on all stages of the Employee Life Cycle in organizations?
  • Become a pro from a beginner at all processes of Recruitment, such as:-

    Branding, Manpower Planning, Tools & Forms used in Recruitment, Job Analysis, Job Description writing, Job Specification writing, Posting jobs Internally & Externally, Managing Candidates & Pipeline, Screening Resumes (Practically with assignments), Conducting Interviews, Understand different types/rounds of interviews, Decision-Making and Salary Negotiation, etc.

  • Learn how to recruit in the current scenario (Work From Home / Remote Interviewing Techniques).

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you are at the right place!

This course is a comprehensive guide on all aspects of Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Social Hiring. You don’t need to research anymore to gain world-class skills in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in Human Resource Management.

Some of the key learning objectives of the course are:-

1. Recruitment Process and Employee Life Cycle Management:-

  • Learn How to Recruit Effectively with simple case studies. Understand the entire Recruitment and Employee Life Cycle in organizations.

2. Screening Resumes like a pro: Demonstration and Hands-on Practical Assignment:-

  • Screen the Resumes like a pro- by Practically Screening the Resume sample in the practical assignment in this course.
  • Learn about technological advancements and screening tools such as AI Tools, Resume Parsers, Resume Enrichers, etc. to stay updated in the competitive Recruitment and HRM domain.

3. Write Job Descriptions that attract candidates. Get the top talent for your organization:-

  • Create Job Descriptions for any Job in any industry by mastering the fundamentals of effective JD writing.
  • Understand all that’s required about Job Description, Job Specification and how Job Analysis helps come out with the right JD’s.

4. Source Top candidates from across the globe for free:-

  • Source candidates successfully using Internal and External Sources, with both Free and Paid Sourcing channels.

5. Employer Branding and Effective EVP:-

  • Attract more candidates or potential employees into your organization by learning the art of Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition successfully.

6. Use ChatGPT : the free Artificial Intelligence tool in Recruitment:-

  • Learn how to use ChatGPT for various Recruitment, Talent Acquisition activities in our guide.

7. Job Analysis Process, Methods and Approaches, in order to design effective Job Descriptions:-

  • Learn in-depth the aspects of a Job design such as Job Analysis methods, process, and different approaches which helps to write accurate Job descriptions, Job Advertisements, and Job Specifications.

8. Ace the Selection and Interviewing Techniques:-

  • Master the selection processes such as Testing,  Screening Rounds, And Different Types of Interviews.
  • Learn the art of Interviewing by understanding structure of a great interview, DO’s & DONT’s, Legal and Illegal aspects of Interviewing, etc.
  • Become a master in Virtual / Remote Recruitment, by learning the best practices.

9. Master the Behavioral Interviewing Process:-

  • Get the right techniques to conduct an effective behavioral interview with your candidates, to spot the right candidates.

10. Job Portals / Job Boards Training for sourcing the right candidates with ease:-

  • Master the Job Portals / Job Boards for Sourcing and Recruitment, with Naukri to never miss on hiring deadlines and to always have a pipeline of candidates.
  • Naukri Job Portal training: Learn all the features of Naukri to excel in fast recruitment.

11. Social Media Recruitment Mastery:-

  • Learn how to source candidates effectively and for free, with Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

12. Applicant Tracking System:-

  • Learn What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS), how it helps in Recruitment and get free template in Excel to maintain ATS on Excel.
  • Understand different ATS software tools available, including free tools.

13. Templates and Downloads from course:-

  • Get Templates and Downloadable Materials for Job Description Writing, Manpower Planning, etc.

Q&A support for your queries & Join our Community:-

  • Join our community of HRM professionals across the globe.
  • Get friendly and fast support for your course-related queries in Q&A Section.

Meet Your Instructor: Meghana is Head of Training at NextGen HR, an academy committed to upskilling working professionals and beginners in Human Resource Management and related areas.

The courses by NextGen HR contain an industry-relevant curriculum, with real-time case studies, data, and examples. Meghana is truly passionate about Training, she is a certified trainer, with 12+ years of proven expertise in the areas of HRM, Payroll Management, Training, and Development.

We like to bring life to the learning with case studies and examples from real life. The course instructor’s USP is she can break down complex and advanced topics into simple, easy-to-digest materials.

So Look no further and Join the course now, to start your exciting Recruitment and Talent Acquisition journey! Look forward to seeing you soon.

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