Travel and Transportation Accessibility


Travel and Transportation Accessibility, Accessibility.

Course Description

This is a course that discusses travel and transportation accessibility for people with disabilities. This was put together for my Occupational Therapy Capstone at Open Doors Organization, a non-profit that advocates to make travel, tourism, and transportation more accessible for people with disabilities.  The purpose of my course is about Advocacy. My primary goal was to highlight barriers that people with disabilities face while traveling. Instead of directly advocating for a particular traveler with disabilities, my capstone focus on more behind the scenes advocacy. I also want to inspire the next generation of occupational therapy students to focus on advocating for the profession, their clients, and more specifically their clients with disabilities. Although there have been some improvements for travelers with disabilities, they still face systemic structural barriers in the areas of travel, and transportation. In the United States, a little over 25% of the population has a disability. This percentage of our population is growing. I believe that every single person, no matter if they have a disability or are able bodied should have the same right to travel and transportation. I hope that the people who take my course find it illuminating, and I hope that you can use this presentation as a reference for advocacy.

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