Technology and Social Media orientation for Journalists

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Technology and Social Media orientation for Journalists, Skill up your profession.

Hi, my name is Rehan Allahwala. I have been into technology entrepreneurship for 25 years. I love to share what I know with the people. I wish if it becomes possible that I can inject a USB to people and transfer what I know to them within a matter of glimpse of an eye. In order to move with the world, It is very essential to learn new thing. Whenever a curve occurs in market, you have learn new things, unlearn old things and relearn existing things.

In this course, I will teach you how you can make yourself better. This course of mine is specially designed for the Journalists, how can they become a digital journalist, how can they start their own channel using Internet, how can they make money using their television, how can they make the society better. The tools I have taught in this course is Internet and Social Media.

So let’s jump into it and see how we can do better journalism using these tools.

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