Sleep: How to get more sleep!

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Sleep: How to get more sleep!, Tips and skills for more quality sleep.

Would you like to: Increase your energy? Increase the quality of your sleep?
This program is what I had to learn to get a high quality sleep during my 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer. Sleeping in a hospital is not easy. Sleeping during recover after surgery and other treatments can be difficult. This program shares my lessons learned about sleep, during my “Tour of Duty” on the front lines fighting for my life.
  1. Discover new ways to relax and unwind.
  2. 4 key ways to unwind included
  3. Learn how to prepare for your ultimate sleep room or “sleep cave”
  4. Enjoy the relaxing and soothing sounds of our audio programs to assist you and yours relax and often fall asleep
  5. 4 – 30 minute high quality audio programs that will sooth and relax you
  6. Enjoy the benefits of a great nights sleep.
  7. Repeat. 7 times a week.
  8. Sleep cave = Dark and quiet
  9. Check your mindset before you start. If you think you can’t you most likely won’t. If you think you can you will have a much better chance of a more successful outcome.

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