Power BI Analytics – Part I


Power BI Analytics – Part I, Power BI for Predictive Analytics.

Course Description

Power BI Analytics platform helps the analysts, developers, researchers and students to perform predictive analytics in order to take most crucial business related decisions. Power BI includes statistical software, data mining, predictive data modeling tools, and other resources to provide a complete visualization, enabling you to identify important trends and come up with creative solutions. This course is for beginners level and throws insight on the basic building blocks of Power BI in predictive analytics.

Since business analytics software is used to gather, review, and analyze data—a task that is not easily completed with a few numbers at your disposal—it is imperative to prepare for the unexpected. The major of BI managers and IT analysts employ multiple business analytic tools for their metrics assessments because very few solutions can accomplish what you need.
Business users may find it challenging to obtain a comprehensive view of your company because data is frequently dispersed across multiple sites. It may be challenging to safely retrieve and update data that is stored in SaaS solutions and other remote sites or to handle it programmatically.
An integrated view of your company’s data may be provided by statistical software, data mining tools, predictive data modeling tools, and other resources working together. This can help you spot significant trends and generate original solutions. Since the requirements and levels of access for different professions vary, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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