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Personal Transformation, Step into your life purpose.

Course Description

Hi everyone!

Welcome. Junior Fortune is an author, writer and a motivational speaker.

He is thrilled to present to you today this amazing educational course.

“Step into Your Life Purpose”

This course is a transformative guide to help you discover and fulfill your life’s mission. Through a journey of self-discovery, practical exercises, and inspiring stories, this course will empower you to identify your passions, values, and strengths, and align them with your purpose. Get ready to unlock your potential, find meaning and direction, and live a fulfilling life that reflects your true purpose

Content of the course.

Session 1


Module 1

– Welcome and introduction.

– The importance of finding your life purpose.

– Overview of the book’s content and structure.

*Module 2:

Understanding Life Purpose*.

– Defining life purpose and its significance.

– Exploring the concept of purpose and meaning.

– Understanding the benefits of living a purpose-driven life.

*Module 3:

Identifying Your Passions and Values*.

– Exploring your interests and passions.

– Identifying your core values and beliefs.

– Understanding how passions and values align with purpose.

*Module 4:

Discovering Your Strengths and Talents*.

– Understanding your strengths and talents.

– Identifying your skills and abilities.

– Learning to leverage your strengths for purpose.

*Module 5:

Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt*.

– Understanding fear and self-doubt.

– Strategies for overcoming fear and self-doubt.

– Building confidence and self-belief.

*Module 6:

Setting Purpose-Driven Goals*.

– Understanding goal-setting and its importance.

– Setting SMART and purpose-driven goals.

– Creating an action plan for achieving goals.

*Module 7:

Building a Supportive Community*.

– The importance of community and support.

– Building a network of supportive people.

– Learning to ask for help and guidance.

*Module 8:

Embracing Failure and Perseverance*.

– Understanding failure and its role in growth.

– Developing a growth mindset and perseverance.

– Learning from failures and setbacks

*Module 9:

Living a Purpose-Driven Life*.

– Integrating purpose into daily life.

– Making purpose-driven decisions and choices.

– Living a life that reflects your true purpose.

*Module 10:

Sustaining Momentum and Growth*

– Strategies for maintaining momentum and growth.

– Overcoming obstacles and challenges.

– Continuously learning and improving.

*Module 11:


– Summary of key takeaways.

– Encouragement and inspiration for the journey ahead.

– Final thoughts and next steps.

Session 2

Choose to shine: Avoid Being in the Darkness.


Embrace Your Light

• Welcome

• Understanding “Choosing to Shine”

Module 1:

The Concept of Shining

• Defining Shine Beyond the Literal

• Dispelling Misconceptions

Module 2:

Discovering Your Unique Light

• Identifying Individuality

• Using Your Talents and Gifts

Module 3:

Overcoming Doubts

• Addressing Common Self-Doubts

• Realizing Your Potential

Module 4:

Recognizing Your Purpose

• The Universality of Purpose

• The Role of Every Individual

Module 5:

The Importance of Contribution

• Analogies to Understand Contribution

• Collective Progress

Module 6:

Finding Your Passion

• Defining True Passion

• Differentiating Passion from Comfort

Module 7:

Passion and Talents

• The Connection Between Passion and Talents

• Unearthing Hidden Talents

Module 8:

Moving Beyond Comfort Zones

• The Pitfalls of Comfort

• The Rewards of Stepping Out

Module 9:

Acting with Passion

• Identifying Passion-Driven Actions

• Benefits of Passionate Actions

Module 10:

Developing a Shiny Character

• Creating Habitual Passionate Actions

• Integrating Passion into Your Character

Module 11:

Achieving a Shiny Lifestyle

• The Essence of a Successful Lifestyle

• The Role of Charity, Compassion, and Love

Choose to Shine avoid being in the Darkness.

Dear students, Junior Fortune is so happy; being able to bring this course to you today as a piece of advice where he is encouraging you to choose to shine and avoid being in the darkness.

What does he mean when he says:” choose to shine and avoid being in the darkness”? He doesn’t mean you have to go out there buying expensive, shiny, and fancy clothes to put on or to light up a candle and place on your head just to choose to shine.

Believe it or not, if you do so you will have light on you and fire with you and you might end up burning yourself, but you will not be shiny the way you suppose to be shiny.

Here is what Junior means when he says, choose to shine and avoid being in the darkness.

All he is encouraging and suggesting you to do is to choose to be out of the crowd. to Identify yourself by your own personal light; Using your talents and gifts to make a difference in the world.

He assumed lots of you who are reading this description now might say: I don’t know how to shine, what difference can I make in the world? I don’t even know what my talents and gifts are, worse about it I don’t know how to find my hidden talents and gifts.

Well, if you have doubt and are wondering about this. I’m going to tell you something this might be the main reason why you are here enrolling in this course.

Everyone in the world has talents and gifts; included you.

Everyone was born for a specific purpose; included you. Everyone is sent to the world to make a difference using their talents and gifts to contribute to the progress and evolution of the world to keep it perfect; you are not an exception.

The same way every single cell in our body has a specific role to play, to keep our body system in a good functioning manner; this is how every single human being in the world must play their own role by using their talents and gifts to keep the world a perfect place to live.

When it comes to identify your hidden talents and gifts here is how you can do that.

First thing he would suggest you to bear in mind is this: We are here in this world for the goodness and the well-being of each other. This is the reason why the Bible said: Each of you should not only look to your own interests but also to the interests of others. (Philippians 2 verse 4)

Therefore, when it comes to find your hidden talents and your gifts the only thing you will need to look for is your Passion.

When he says passion, he doesn’t mean something that you just like; because he knows many out there tend to like only everything that makes them feel comfortable.

Guess what? When you find something that makes you feel comfortable you spend more time in it and you are doing it regularly.

Here is what is wrong in that case: comfortable things don’t take you anywhere in life; they don’t bring you any specific useful results and what is worst about it you are not contributing to the progress neither to your life nor to anyone else life. You are just wasting your time.

Here is what I mean when I say: Looking for your passion.

Your hidden talents and your gifts most of the time are behind your passion because they go along with each other.

Your passion is what makes you move out your comfort zone to go and do something to help someone, to please someone and to contribute to the progress of someone’s life without any intension of getting anything in return from that person as a form of compensation.

Where there is no motivation of paycheck, no motivation of salary, no intention to be seen by the public, where there is absolutely no attempt of getting something in return from someone you are helping or doing a favor for.

you just find yourself naturally and voluntarily acting towards that person who really needs your assistance to make a step forward in his own life.

Believe me when you act with passion, you have a feeling of pride surrounding you. But if after you act you don’t feel that feeling recognize that you didn’t act with passion.

But if you do, this is where you start to shine, and your talents and your gifts are right there; all you get to do is to keep acting that way; make it a habit for you till it becomes a part of your character.

Believe me, nothing in the world can stop you from being shiny when you reach this level.

In conclusion Being Shiny is when you are living a successful lifestyle. You find yourself filled with charity, compassion, and love for the well-being of others around you in the world.

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