Master The Art of Travel Writing

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Master The Art of Travel Writing, For Beginner Bloggers & the Wanderers.

The course is designed by  Vidhu Jain, honored to be empanelled writer with UP Tourism, Government of India, Read more below) who is experienced in this field. Have worked for years in this industry and then came up with something like this.

The Travel writing course is not something new in the international market. So many Travelers and bloggers join such courses to enhance their travel writing career and earn well.

I want to be a successful entrepreneur. Travel is one niche that can make me same. I began searching various courses that teach how to write a travel piece that really sells. To my surprise, i came across none, except a few selling in International Markets (costing high).

Then I found Ms. Vidhu Jain who has great knowledge in this field, undoubtedly that’s why she has been empanelled as a writer in UP Tourism, Government of India. She designed this course extremely well.

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