Lose Weight Not Your Soul

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Lose Weight Not Your Soul, How to lose weight without losing your soul.

There are thousands of options when it comes to losing weight; from weight loss diet, fat burner pills, meal replacements, calorie controlled meals, weight loss supplement and so on.

But if you are like me, you know that these methods though it may give us some sort of weight loss results, we continue to struggle to maintain our weight loss. So we continue our search to find the right weight loss methods.

Unfortunately, before long, we realise weight loss has become more than just a goal that is on your list below all the other important lives goals. Weight loss has become your top priority in your life where you plan your life based on your weight loss program. You choose where you can hang out or dine out, you limit the number of social events you allow yourself to attend, or you are simply just too occupied, thinking about how to burn off the calories you just consumed from the chocolate cake you should not have eaten.

Can anyone relate?

I am not immune as well. I remember growing up as a teenage girl feeling so insecure with my body and how I look, especially when the media around me (from magazine, TV, ads) were showing the perfect beautiful woman. How a woman supposed to look like.

And just like many other teenage girls out there, my mission of attaining the world’s definition of beauty was started. I started to go on a diet, put on some color-changing cream on my skin so I have the perfect skin tone color, learn how to do makeup and hide my flaws, and so on.

I even worked as a Fitness Trainer and completed a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition because I was so obsessed with getting the perfect body that I even made a career out of it. So I helped many women lost weight and get leaner or flat tummy; but I noticed even though they love their new skinnier leaner body, there is always something else to be ‘fixed’ to improve their physical appearance. And so was I.

I lost weight, I became leaner, I have nice tanned skin. Yet, I always found something else about my body that I need to improve/ change. I realize it was not the physical appearance that needed to be changed, it was the condition of my heart, how I see my body.

This course is created to help women and teenage girls to not fall for the temptation and obsession to lose weight fast or with any kind of fad diets out there promising a quick fix. Quite the opposite, this course is all about helping women to finally attain real maintainable natural weight loss without costing your soul or mental health.

You will also learn how to set yourself FREE from unhealthy diet mindsets and behaviors that you may have adopted as well as from the pursuit of trying to attain the perfect ideal woman body or be and look like someone else. Because you have the permission to be you and you are uniquely beautiful.

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