Learn and Understand React and Redux – I


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Learn and Understand React and Redux – I, (React.js and ES6 covered in Part I).

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First time you open this course, you might think to yourself, Oh!! no. Not another React.js course. There are already so many courses of React and Redux that it’s hard to count. Then why another course?

The motivation for this course is not to just to teach you how to use React, Redux and other libraries. There are already plenty of courses out there that are doing this job very well. My problem is that I feel that in most of the books and courses out there, concentration is given mostly on just how to use libraries and sometimes they explain things from a very high level view. Most fundamental problem that I have with existing courses is that they try to explain the solution before explaining the problem.  Solutions have absolutely no meaning until you actually understand the problems they solve.

Other thing that I hate about most of the tutorials is that they start with developing simple apps which is a very good thing but they end up with same silly applications. At beginning, you feel pretty comfortable and starts to think that you have a grip on the subject but when you go out in real world and start solving real world problems that  requires understanding and knowledge and thought, at that point you start to falter because of very little understanding and practice of real world problems.

This course will be based on project based approach, meaning we are going to learn and truly understand React  and Redux while developing applications and covering each and every concepts gradually and incrementally in a 3 part series.

We are going to start with very simple applications at the start and then build fairly complex and medium size applications as we progress through the course.

Through out this three part series, we are going to understand React, ES6, React-Router and Redux and many more and practice so many apps starting from simple to medium size apps.

Important Note: First Part of series covers only React.js not Redux. React Router, Webpack 2 and Redux will be covered in next parts.

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