Introduction to Computer Organization


Introduction to Computer Organization, Master from scratch basic computer organization and number representation to ace computer architecture exams!.

Course Description

When purchasing a new computer, have you wondered what “3,” “5,” and “7” mean in Core i3, i5, or i7? (Hint: these are not the number of cores in the processor!) Learn the explanation to this and many more intriguing questions in this course!

Ace basic computer organization, von Neumann architecture, data representation, number representation questions in competitive exams, job interviews, and computer organization and architecture course exams. Genuinely understand the basic organization of a von Neumann machine, how instructions are executed in our computers, and representation of numbers in modern computers.

Specifically, the course will cover the following in detail.

  1. What is a computer?
  2. Basic computer organization
  3. What is a program?
  4. Generations of programming languages
  5. What is machine language and assembly language?
  6. What are high-level languages?
  7. What is von Neumann machine?
  8. How do instructions execute in a modern computer?
  9. What is multi-core processor?
  10. What are bits and bytes?
  11. What are binary numbers?
  12. How to convert binary numbers to decimal?
  13. How to convert decimal numbers to binary?

Further learning: This course is an excerpt from the larger Udemy course titled “Intro to Computer Organization, Number & Data Representation.” If you want to learn about twos complement numbers, IEEE floating point representation, binary arithmetic, and representation of various kinds of data (including integers, real numbers, negative numbers, characters, images, and sound) in modern computers, take that course!

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