How to Turn Any Surface into Touch Surface


How to Turn Any Surface into Touch Surface, A-Z Guide the will help you turn any surface into Touch surface effectivly at a very low cost.

Course Description

Touch Screens are a very attractive and effective way that helps people in their everyday activities. In this project, a way to produce touch and interactive surfaces out of any normal (i.e., touchless) screens is introduced.

Why You Should Take This Course:

  • Transform Any Surface: Learn how to turn any surface into a touch surface.
  • Use Your Own Device: Convert your own device into a touch screen by installing an app and making a few hardware changes.
  • Hands-On Learning: Ideal for hands-on learners and those who prefer step-by-step instructions.
  • Short and Concise: Easy to use as a reference guide in the future, saving you money and time.

Student Testimonials:

  • Gerhard De Wet: “Good and well explained and practical.”

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduce a new technology to make touch surfaces available affordably.
  2. Produce a low-cost system that can replace traditional expensive touch screen systems.
  3. Improve knowledge on using modern technologies for various purposes to make life easier.

With this Step-by-Step Guide, you will master touch surface creation using no more than a brain and components costing less than $40. You will get full access to HD video tutorials and the software used in this course for FREE as a bonus when you join.

What You Will Learn:

  • The basics of turning any surface into a touch surface
  • Step-by-step instructions for hardware and software setup
  • Practical applications for home, school, and business

Who is This Course For:

  • Innovators interested in affordable tech solutions
  • Hobbyists looking to experiment with touch technology
  • Educators seeking cost-effective interactive teaching tools
  • Anyone interested in modern technology applications


  • No prior experience needed
  • A computer with internet access
  • Basic understanding of electronics is helpful but not necessary
  • Willingness to learn and experiment

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