How to teach others

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How to teach others, What you need to know.

This three part course will give you a good overview of pedagogy methods, theories, tools and practical tips regarding teaching others, in real life or on the web.

The three courses will have different types of orientations and projects, but will also be closely connected with each other and have projects that will help you evolve as a teacher. I must emphasize that you will have the best experience and progression if you take the courses in chronological order.

Here is an overview of the three courses.

How to teach others – What you need to know – Part 1/3:

  • Assessment for Learning- Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Relational learning
  • Feed up, Feed back, Feed forward
  • Unified foundation of knowledge
  • Peer assessment and Self assessment
  • Preunderstanding – Meet the students where they are
  • How to ask pedagogy questions
  • Project 1/3 – Planning your own project or course

How to teach others – What you need to know – Part 2/3:

  • The importance of reflection and evaluation – and how to use it
  • The importance of varied forms of learning
  • The importance of metalanguage
  • Discussion models – Venn Diagram and Circulating Beehive
  • No hands up and collective answers
  • Lesson planning – How and Why?
  • Looking for answers in the right places
  • Project 2/3 – Plan your own lesson

How to teach others – What you need to know – Part 3/3:

  • The importance of source criticism
  • Low-impact treatment
  • The importance of student participation
  • How to construct and correct tests – Formative method
  • Collegial cooperation and interdisciplinary learning
  • High expectations and cognitive challenges
  • The Project 3/3 – Evaluation of project 1 and 2 – Try it out and get constructive feedback

If you find any of the videos especially interesting I will be happy to make a more detailed class on that subject. There is always much more to say about all of this, but this three part course will give you a solid base to stand on regarding pedagogy theories, methods and practical use.

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