How To Create Online Courses And Make 6 Figures A Year

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How To Create Online Courses And Make 6 Figures A Year, Dvir Oren Shares all the secrets he uses to make over 150K a year teaching online.

*** Updated for 2020! Course is good On Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone users! ***

This course includes the exact tactics I used to grow my online education business to $30,000 a month in profit without spending a single dollar on ads. If I can do it, so can you! This course shares the exact systems, methods, and approaches I used.

A new course validation module has been added to help you validate your offer before you build it.

The exact secret sales script that I used to close 33% of my sales calls selling my online course at $3,800. With this script you’ll become a masterful salesman, even if you’ve never sold anything before and you’re an introvert.

The promotion section has been expanded with 8 marketing strategies proven to help you find more students for free.

New lectures on how to leverage YouTube to generate tons of sales explained with precise numbers and steps.

A free Facebook support community is now available where you’ll get all the support and motivation you’ll need to launch your course.

A new in-depth lesson with recommendations to help you setup an email freebie and automated email sequence too build a relationship with new subscribers and turn them into paying clients!

Multiple challenges to get you to take action along the course and get results! This is a course for action takers that want to make income online and hit 6 figures or more.

A few secret tweaks I did to my funnel that almost doubled my conversion rate overnight!

How to do high ticket sales and sell your course or consulting service for $1,000-$6,000 or higher.

How to increase your sales conversion rate without creating fancy sales videos or complicated software

My name is Dvir Oren, and I’m super excited to guide you on your journey to create an awesome online course, share your message and make a full time income online.

Join me in this fun and easy to implement course and start learning how to monetize your expertise today!


Selling online courses allowed me to travel the world, live anywhere I want, while helping clients improve their lives. I lived and traveled in Taiwan, Japan, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hungary, France, and Austria. In this course you’ll learn with all detail exactly how I made that happen so you can do the same.


I will teach you how to start selling online courses online, why you should sell 1 on 1 consulting before you do an online course, how to market yourself, how to get consistent high quality leads and how to get them to pay you $1,000-$4,000 up front before you start working together. Later I’ll show you how to automate your consulting process into a video course that you can sell for the same price while giving more value to your clients.

Sounds good? well here is exactly what we will cover:

Getting started: how to choose your “wealth niche”, zoom in on your dream offer and how to structure it to ensure students get great results with your training.

Get paid before you create a video course: I’ll show you how to get paid upfront before you create your online course.

Creating a great program curriculum: I’ll teach you how to create a proper course outline and provide you with a great template.

Breakdowns of 7 figure educators: I’ll show you how different people in different niches make millions of dollars a year selling their advice online.

Promoting your course: once you have created your offer outline it’s time to start outreaching to potential clients! I’ll teach you the most efficient ways to get leads, including over 8 marketing strategies to get your first students for free.

Making money selling your course: how much to charge for your offer? Should you sell it for a low price (<$99) or premium price ($1,000<)? I’ll teach you how to sell your offer via one phone call, how to accept credit card payments, and much more!

I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and several years figuring this out – Educating myself and learning new skills. Join this course now to skyrocket your progress and have a mentor to guide you on your journey. You don’t have to go at it alone! Time to share your message with the world and make a full time living doing what you love đŸ™‚

Are you ready? I’ll see you inside.

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