Data Science Masterclass Hands-on ML & AI Projects 2024/25


Data Science Masterclass Hands-on ML & AI Projects 2024/25, Data Science Masterclass Hands-on ML & AI Projects 2024/25.

Course Description

Data Science Masterclass: Hands-on ML & AI Projects. This comprehensive, project-based course will introduce you to all the modern skills of a data scientist, and along the way, you’ll build many real projects to add to your portfolio. You’ll get access to all the code, worksheets, and templates (Jupyter notebooks) on GitHub so you can put them in your portfolio right away! We believe this course solves the biggest challenge of entering the field of data science and machine learning: having all the necessary resources in one place and learning the latest trends and job skills that employers are looking for.

By taking this step-by-step course, we will make you a professional machine learning and data science engineer. This course covers two tracks. If you already know programming, you can jump right in and skip the part where it teaches you Python from scratch. If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll start you from the ground up and actually teach you Python and how to use it in the real world for our projects. Don’t worry, after going through the basics like Machine Learning and Python, we’ll dive into advanced topics like Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Transfer Learning so you can get real practice and prepare for the real world.

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