Building an Online Course Using Evernote

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Building an Online Course Using Evernote, My strategy for a low maintenance course delivery system.

I developed this system when I was preparing my Getting Started with Evernote course.

I decided to deliver the course using Evernote as the delivery platform.

This creates the most simple and efficient course delivery system I have yet seen
It is not ideal for super complex courses, or ones that require a large degree of security (stopping people from sharing content). But for simple to moderate information based course it is as easy and efficient a delivery platform as you can imagine.

All aspects can be delivered using the free version of Evernote

 Web Based
All Evernote notes are web based, hence, there is actually a URL attached to each individual note making the ideal for online content delivery.

All of the lessons are delivered this way, as shared notes, which the student can view online or save to their own Evernote Account

You can update the originating note at any time, although the students notes will not automatically update, you can entrench a system to allows students  to refresh  the notes at any time. (through the use of the refresh link)

 Flexible Delivery
You can deliver your course in any form, as an email follow up sequence or trickle campaign, or a complete package delivered all at once.

Deliver of the course is the same amount of work for 1, 100, or thousands of students

You can create as detailed a course as you want.

(storage should never be an issue, if it is you may need to upgrade your personal account).

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