2 courses in one at strategy and marketing

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2 courses in one at strategy and marketing, introduction to strategy and marketing.

The world today is an open market

Everyone in this life uses marketing but in different ways ,The doctor needs good promotion in order to reach the appropriate number of patients

Marketing is at the heart of the most accurate professions

Everyone now, without exception, cannot dispense with marketing even in their personal relationships. Sometimes they promote their feelings and thoughts.

Marketing is no longer a profession but a kind of art

Have you thought about a famous singer that she is an integrated model of marketing art, from choosing clothes designed by an international designer to the dance that she will perform to the company that will promote and organize her concerts and fans who spread their news among them and social media all of these things are the way of success for this singer…؟؟؟

In general, we will know what the market is, how to determine the right price, and how to determine the physiological factors that affect the market

We will also learn about marketing , e-marketing , brands,Types of Markets ,Marketing Practices ,4 Ps of Marketing and SWOT Analysis

Thinking about strategy generates many controversial questions. This course, What is strategy?, focuses on practitioner views of strategy. You will learn about application of its major theoretical advances in professional life. The course provides definitions of the concept of strategy and strategy-related vocabulary and examines Mintzberg’s five Ps framework.

This course comprises two parts. In the first part, the concept of strategy is defined and the strategy-related vocabulary spanning such terms as mission, vision, aims and objectives, and control is introduced. The second part centres on Henry Mintzberg’s five Ps framework, discussing the five different forms of strategy including plan, ploy, pattern, position and perspective. A particular emphasis is made on practitioner views of strategy as well as application of its major theoretical advances in professional life.

In this course also, the term strategy has been defined as well as major terms in its vocabulary: mission, vision, aims and objectives. Drawing on Mintzberg (1996), it showed that strategy may be conceived of as a composite of five interrelated facets, namely, plan, ploy, pattern, position and perspective.

Thinking about strategy is clearly a lot more complicated and challenging than merely mastering a set of formulae or analytical tools, which can be applied in order to guarantee success. Instead, one of the interesting things about strategy is that it generates so many controversial questions, which require us to synthesise our other areas of knowledge and expertise, and acknowledge our particular standpoints and situations. What academics and practitioners argue as being appropriate strategy has a lot to do with their convictions about how the world works and what they see as important.

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